Innovative solutions that optimise production processes with focused, on-site consultative services.

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We provide technical advice and reporting for open-cast mines, offering due diligence, industry best practice and feasibility reports to ensure you’re always responsive to market changes and trends.
We help small to medium-sized mining houses and exploration companies by providing flexible payment plans that allow access to our prospecting and mine planning expertise, such as, for example, a retainer together with a per-tonne charge that only applies once your mine starts extracting coal. This allows our clients to work around cash flow issues in their journey towards profitability – another innovative way in which we assist our SME clients to grow.
With a thorough understanding of how buyers and sellers of coal, lack up-to-date information on prices, we are able to provide real-time information on coal prices and stock levels, offer global demand projections and add value to the coal sales and logistics process, on a per customer basis.
When it comes to exploration management, we are ready to hit the ground running with competent, tailormade, hands-on services that are on-site and onboard with your objectives. Whether it’s a daily, weekly or monthly process, we are involved with every step of your production process to ensure optimum results.
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  • BASICO-AFRICA Overseeing and monitoring of the process to ensure optimised results.
  • BASICO-AFRICA Adding value through the entire value chain, by reconciling the production of the product from the modelling phase to product loading and delivery.
  • BASICO-AFRICA Mining feasibility.
  • BASICO-AFRICA Mine design.
  • BASICO-AFRICA 3D plans and scheduling.


  • BASICO-AFRICA CPR: Through specialisation and focus, we are equipped to underwrite CPR documents in (normally) 40-60% less time .
  • BASICO-AFRICA PWP and MWP: We provide assistance to ensure licenses are obtained in a cost and time-efficient manner while ensuring compliance to prospecting- and mining works programmes.

Optimised production processes

  • BASICO-AFRICA Reconciliation of the coal mining-, beneficiation- and truck loading processes.
  • BASICO-AFRICA Handling of weighbridge processes and beneficiation to loading reconciliations.

Our personalised consultation services are tailormade to your specific requirements. Read our blog to find out about the latest coal prices and demand, or give us a call to see how we can help you adapt and grow.

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